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Manicures and pedicures are the ultimate way to pamper yourself! A relaxing experience that can give your hands and feet a sense of renewal, the overall effect is one of true indulgence. Not only will you feel rejuvenated afterward, but you’ll also gain confidence from rocking those newly manicured nails! Allowing for a bit of separation from everyday stressors - this spa service softens skin, trims and buffs nails, shapes cuticles, hydrates hands and feet, allowing us to condition ourselves both physically and mentally. With an array of colors in gel polishes or classic French tips - there's something out there that’s just right for you! Manicure and pedicure take care won't just make your day more exciting – it can turn an ordinary week into extraordinary!


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Acrylic nails are a beautiful way to instantly glam up any look! Made from a combination of acrylic powder and liquid monomer, acrylic nails can be customized into any shape or length you could ever want. Not only that, but they don't chip easily and require little upkeep once they're put on - no more worrying about nail polish ruining your manicure job! Additionally, they last significantly longer than traditional manicures so you can keep your perfect nails for weeks at a time. There's never been an easier or quicker way to achieve fabulous nails - acrylics have got it all in one package!


Gel nails are next-level when it comes to manicures! Their glossy shine, durable finish and extended wear make them a must-have luxe look. These versatile modern marvels bring nail art and color trends to life; they don’t chip or smudge, looking freshly painted days after application. And their ability to last up to four weeks or longer with regular maintenance mean you can keep reapplying your favorite designs and colors until you tire of them – if that ever happens. Get on board with this incredible trend and show off your perfect gel nails all season long!

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